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Contact :

Name: Miló András
Address: Mátyás u. 4.
City: Nyíregyháza
Country: HUNGARY
P.code: H-4400
Phone: +3642409650
Fax: +3642409650


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Our Club the Tai-Chi-Boxing Fighting Art Club was founded in 1993.

It has two sections : fighting and the formal performance groups. The competitions are organized according to the rules of the Hungarian Kung-Fu Association, so there are throws and pushings, too.

The members who do the formal performances perform either traditional Tai-Chi forms or show forms in armed and unarmed classes.

The trainigs are lead by sifu Miló András, who is the main Hungarian instructor of the a Tai-Chi-Boxing World Association. He is helped by two girls : Rita is the chairman of the club, and she has won the Hungarian Champion several times and Vikória who has won the European Championship twice and the World Cup once.

Prizes :

European Championship I. (2) Miló Viktória
  II. (2) Miló Viktória, Facsar Csaba
  III. (4) Miló Viktória, Szilvási Zsuzsa, Maleskovics Melinda
World Cup I. (1) Miló Viktória
  III. (4) Miló Viktória
Europe Cup I. (7) Miló Viktória (5!), Broda Rita, Péter Enikő
  II. (7) Péter Enikő (2!), Somogyi Nikoletta (2!), Miló Viktória, Facsar Csaba, Fekete Róbert
  III. (4) Somogyi Nikoletta, Broda Rita, Dankó Ottó, Kis József

In the different classes of the Hungarian Championships they won 44 gold, 28 silver, 11 bronze, in Students' Olympics 24 gold, 20 silver, and 7 bronze and in international competitions they collected 6 gold, 4 silver, és 2 bronze.

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Miló András

Miló Viktória

Péter Enikő

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